Saturday, June 11, 2011

On The Way to Golf

A funny thing happened on the way to Golf. A War-Game broke out! I left the apartment with every intention of playing golf. As I got to the highway entrance ramp, I noticed this huge wreck, and traffic was in grid-lock. Rather than getting into all that, I was able to pull two consecutive clover-leafs and head back the other direction!

So now what to do? I had the whole afternoon open, so I decided to head to the local gaming store to wait out the wreck. When I got there; Phil (the owner) tells me to check out the back room, there may be old friends back there. Good enough, in I went.

Damn, here was a 16 x 6 foot table with a huge 20mm American Revolution set out on it. And two old friends hollering at me what the hell had happened to my old phone number? (That is a different story) Golf was quickly forgotten and we had a great afternoon of battle, tacos and catching-up.


Bill said...

Really nice looking battle. I love American Revolution.

MurdocK said...

better than golf any day in my book