Sunday, October 8, 2017

A time for celebration

Yesterday, October 7, 2017, my son John was married to his beautiful bride Lindsey. It was an amazing day as all the family was together for the first time in a long, long time.  Seeing how my children have grown and matured has made me a little emotional and admittedly verklempt.  That is okay, it was a very beautiful day and I am embracing that emotion for the sheer joy it has brought.  I wish the best for my son and his wife.  May they have a lifetime of happiness and joy together.

The fall and winter months will be setting in soon.  I have a painting project ready to go.  If one looks at my older posts, there will be several on Hauverstover.  I am painting these again, and have bought enough 10 mm soldiers to have an opposing army.  It will be my other favorite Norm Crosby inspired imagi-nation of Franistan.   I am still in the process of picking a color scheme for the uniforms.  I hope to post these over the next couple of days.

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