Friday, May 17, 2019

Fistful of Lead - The Looting of Santa Rosa

Taking a break from Longstreet, I put on a game of Fistful of Lead with my son John. The scenario was simple, a payroll had been hidden somewhere in town. Two gangs were coming in to find it and steal it. When a character entered a building a poker chip was drawn from a bag. Blue meant nothing was found, red was a surprise gunshot at the intruder and a white chip meant the treasure was discovered. Dawn breaks on the sleepy town of Santa Rosa.

John played Amarillo Shamrock and his gang of cowpokes. They started on the south road just outside of town. Amarillo's job was to find the treasure and exit on the north or west roads. Doing some harm to Nigel and his nefarious crew would be a bonus.

I played Nigel Cumberbund and his European mercenaries. My gang started on the north road just outside of town. Nigel's task was to find the treasure, neutralize Amarillo and his crooks, then exit on the south or east roads.

As soon as the gangs got within range of each other, gun-fire broke out. As in every game of FFoL ever played a blood alley began to develop.

One particular corner was especially busy. Lead was flying non-stop and members of each gang were pinned, wounded or DRT. (an homage to gentleman Bill McHarg - he coined "Dead Right There" or DRT many years ago.)

Most of the buildings have now been explored, the treasure must be in one of the last two. Both gangs started heading for the final confrontation and a chance for the loot.

One of Nigel's gang hid behind a barrel in a dark alley. When he got the chance he dropped Amarillo like a hot rock. Some say the shot was cowardly, others applauded the stealth.

John and I played this scenario three times that day. It was a ton of fun. This AAR was about the third and final game because it was the closest action and result. FFoL is my favorite skirmish game bar none. It plays clean and fast and John knew the rules in about two turns. We used the Horse and Musket card deck because of the additional special cards. However we stayed with the old hand to hand combat system. I had forgotten how brutal H2H was in the original rules. Next time we play the newer H2H combat system will be in effect.

John really enjoys post apocalyptic games, so Galactic Heros will be in our future plans. I realized that I have several new painting and scenery projects to do in order to get ready. I am looking forward to it! Thanks to Wiley Games for many hours of enjoyable and happy gaming.


BaronVonJ said...

Cool. Didn't even know you had Wild West stuff..

Essjam said...

Not enough! No townspeople at all. More painting in my future.