Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Gaming Weekend

This past weekend was one for endurance. Greg of Wargame Downloads, had the house to himself. So he invited a bunch of us to play an all day event. We started on Saturday at 10 AM and gamed until 12:30 in the morning. Then we took a break and resumed play at 6:00 PM to finish out Sunday evening.

We played several games during that time. These included; X-Wing, Wizard Kings, C&C Ancients - Epic battles, Seven Wonders, and some small filler games. A great weekend, but I think I have battle fatigue!

Wizard Kings was played on a 16 map table. It was a blast. Greg created several victory conditions for each player. So multiple conflicts between players were possible. Bring on the screw thy neighbor mentality! Unfortunately, I was too busy playing to take many photographs. Here is the initial setup, and my Dwarvish attack on the Elven stronghold.

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