Friday, May 3, 2013

Hey Maurice!

The Basement Generals had a play-test of Sam Mustafa's Maurice last night. See the complete report on the Baron Von J's blog. This rule set was a lot of fun. I especially like the card system that drove the action. This rule set is going to take repeated play to become proficient.

As a group we decided that our heraldry would be based on barn yard animals and a color. I chose the mighty Duck first, but had a change of heart. I wanted to me more of a hunter than a food source! I switched to an Owl as the mascot, with the color purple.

Jaye sent out these nifty worksheets, where with a little color fill, we could create our uniforms coloring. My OOB is six regular infantry, 2 elite infantry, 3 cavalry and 4 artillery units. I haven't decided on the color scheme for Cav and Arty yet, however there will be some purple on each unit.

Presenting Barnard "Hoot" Owsley's infantry :

Now to get to painting!


abdul666 said...

Promising project, nice design.
Btw your new Maurice campaign fully deserves, if not a 'collective blog' à la Emperor vs Electo, at least a special 'label' to the corresponding posts; on all participating blogs, indeed (it can be done afterward using the 'edit posts utility, and it's not a chore if done before posts to be labelled are not too numerous).

BaronVonJ said...

where's the cav?