Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thursday Gaming

Every Thursday night, with few exceptions, I have the privilege to game with the Basement Generals. Generally six to eight of us descend upon the Baron Von J's domicile for an evening of gaming, trash talking and camaraderie. This is a great group of guys, Thursday night is one of the bright spots of my week. The Baron is the most prolific gaming hobbyist that I have ever met. It is simply amazing what he can produce in a short time. All figures and models shown in this post are his handiwork. This past Thursday, it was a Gladiator bash and a Chariot race. This is what greeted us at the gaming table.

The Gladiator game was first, Jaye was trying a new set of rules from Two Hour Wargames. While the mechanics were easy to grasp, it bogged down. A complete review can be found on the Baron's Blog. Here is the stable of Gladiator figs:

Here two Murmulos battle forever, neither one gaining an advantage.

Once the dust settled, we tried the Charioteer rules from Two Hour Wargames. This rule set was much better. We will try this one again, since we only had time for one lap.

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