Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wargamer's A.D.D.

Like many wargamers, I am afflicted with a special variety of ADD. I can typically focus on daily work tasks, but let a new rule set appear and I am a goner. The pictures are my current projects and prove this point. In no particular order; 15 MM Ancient Greeks, I am trying to build enough stands to play C&C Ancients with figs. If you look closely, there are some 15MM ACW Cavalry that I am re-basing. Just to the front of the ACW, is 28MM Dark Age Normans for Saga. I was part of a demo game at the latest Recruits Convention and I was hooked.

There is a large mass of 10MM strips that is for the War of Spanish Succession. The Old Glory sculpts for the Marlburian range are really nice. Hand Painted flags at this scale may challenge my skills.

Behind that are some 28 MM French Nappies that I owe to Lead Addict.
Oh look, Squirrel...

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Lead Addict said...

Nothing owed here. Paint those French at your leisure and for your enjoyment. They are so we can play faster. Don't let them distract you.