Tuesday, April 23, 2013

X Wing skirmish

Tuesday nights are generally board games. Tonight however it was X-Wing. Darth Vader (boo-hiss) versus Luke Skywalker in a duel to the death. Actually we had time for three games in a 3 hours session. We kept the forces to 60 points.

I like this game. The mechanics are clean and simple. Movement is plotted on little maneuver dials and then the ships are moved with a matching template. For some reason, I can visualize my moves on this system much easier than I can on Blue Max.

Here is one more shot of Luke just before Vader unleashed the hounds...
The only negative with this game is the number of markers that are used to track statistics and attributes. After a while there is so much clutter on the table top that it detracts from the look of the game. (Even more than the uncovered table top)

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