Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Basing Options - Maurice

When gaming with the Basement Generals, several rule sets are used to play the Lace Wars period. Maurice is the newest rule set for us. It is a fine little rule set by Sam Mustafa. However, we also play Sam's Might and Reason. This introduces the rub.

Might and Reason defines a unit as two bases, while Maurice defines a unit as four bases. In order to minimize my expenses and painting effort different basing options are being explored.

The goal here is to play both rule sets with the same stands with minimal derisive laughter from the rest of the guys. Not a lofty goal, but with this bunch one better not have a thin skin. Over the years, one does gain a reputation in the group for certain unintended actions. Hopefully with this study, I can avoid another dubious distinction.

I am leaning toward Option 1. It gives me Command to the left and the Grenadiers on their right hand side. I can then use a two stand unit in Might and Reason and it will look correct. Then when we play Maurice, I can use two two-stand units to arrive at a four stand unit. The Grenadiers will be a little out of place, but it will look good on the battlefield and columns will be okay as well. The Maurice unit layout will use option 2.

Option 5 would be the basing used if all we were going to play is Maurice. However, I don't think it will convert to Might and Reason as effectively.

Finally, for some reason Maurice wants infantry based on 50MM squares. I just don't think that looks right. These were linear formations and it looks too chunky for me. I will stick with the 50x25mm bases. The frontage should work just fine.

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