Monday, July 22, 2013

Face Study - 10 MM Maurice

This is to determine which combination of color and wash produces a good result for a face. For these 10mm soldiers, painting a face is pretty easy. I always prime with black. For the faces a fairly bright flesh color was chosen and it was dry brushed onto the face. Then a flesh wash was applied to set the complexion color. The bright color is subdued, but shines through the transparent wash.

Personally, I believe that these soldiers have been out in the sun and weather and I prefer a more ruddy shade for their faces. That was my intent as I started this. Finally, by recording it here, maybe I can come back and remember what the heck I decided

Here are the colors: White, Fleshtone, Medium Flesh, AC Flesh and Bamboo. White is an experiment, and I was actually surprised that it is almost workable. It is a bit too bright at the end, but not by much.

Here are the figs with the background color dry-brushed in place. White on the left -- Bamboo on the right.

Finally, here are the faces after the have been washed. I use Reikland Fleshshade for the wash. I also have a Sepia but it tends to be a bit too reddish

The AC Flesh / Wash combination is my preference. The color here is just a bit off due to the photography being done under compact florescent lights. I wonder if there is a filter app for my phone camera?

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