Monday, July 8, 2013

Flags waving in the breeze

The painting of my Hauverstoverian 1st Infantry unit is done. Complete with hand painted flags. These are not too bad, if I do say so myself. Now only 7 more units to go.

A few of the things I decided during this process:

  • At 10MM, think impressionism.
  • The cords on the flags are going to be the units facing colors.
  • The drums will be a yellow body with light purple cords and rims. This will be standard on all units.
  • If one breaks down the flag shapes to basic geometry, then it is easier to realize.
  • For me, beer and painting do not mix! Fine motor control goes away too quickly.

Front and Back view of the flags

How they will look in a bunch.

Note - As I was test fitting the strips on the basing, I realized that the 50x25mm bases will not provide enough depth to comfortably fit two ranks of soldiers. They will fit, but there is not enough room left to add any scenic flair. At this scale, the bases have to look good. They represent the first impression of the unit. I am going to use the 50mm square bases after all. I am still going to base these for a combination of M&R and Maurice.


Jay Reese said...

Looking good sir, is that an owl I spy on your flag? 10mm freehand!

Essjam said...

Thanks Jay, why yes it is an Owl. I am glad it was recognizable. Painting is starting on the 2nd infantry unit.

Bill said...

Great looking figures. I still don't think I can paint anything that small.

Essjam said...

Thanks Bill. I have seen your work, and I know you could paint these little guys too. Think Opti-visors!