Friday, August 16, 2013

ACW - Longstreet

Last night the Basement Generals tried Sam Mustafa's Longstreet for the second time. We met at the Baron's castle for the weekly gaming and beer tasting soiree. See the Baron's report about this battle and the beer at his blog.

I drew one of the Johnny Reb commands. I had the confederate left flank, and my objective was the far town. The victory conditions were control of the two towns and the center hill. The towns were already occupied, so the battle was going to be for the center hill. My job was to push the Federal right flank so it could not join the battle for the center.

Greg played the Union commander controlling their right flank. He played a defensive shoot and give ground strategy that was quite effective. I chased him all the way back to the wheat fields just outside of the town, but my forces were shot to hell. Longstreet superbly allowed this defensive strategy, and gave me several options in attacking. The cards in Longstreet are the heart of the system.

The initial deployment, my troops are ready to move forward

There is quite a battle at the little rock wall as my troops moved forward. Union artillery was forcing me to spend a lot of cards absorbing hits. As we are finding out, cards are crucial.

The battle for the center hill.

On a different note - my order for more 10MM Marlburian troops arrived. With two bags of Generals! A painting weekend looms as I get these ready for Maurice.

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