Friday, August 23, 2013

Longstreet Rules in the House!

Alright! The full version of Longstreet arrived today. Kudos to Sam Mustafa's processing, ordered on 8/19 and delivered to the heartlands in four days. Not bad at all. We have played a couple of games using the Lite version of these rules. I can't wait to see what he has added.

One addition is a campaign system. I will be playing a Union Colonel Fredrick (Fritz) Wolfe. There may be an actual ancestor with that name. Time to do a little genealogy research.

The Basement Generals have more guys interested in ACW than in the Marlburian period. My Maurice project will be delayed a bit as I finish my 15MM ACW collection. I primarily need Union artillery and a bit more Union Cavalry. Not to worry though, Maurice will continue soon.

A very nice way to get a weekend started, a new rule set and an interesting Ale!

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