Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Current projects

Summer vacations have come and gone. It is now time to load up the project table. This has not changed a great deal, however, with the enthusiasm that Longstreet has generated, priorities have been rearranged. Like most gamers, I have to reorganize all my stuff periodically. My ancient Greek project has been pulled and the figures are in storage boxes. I am actually thinking about doing that in 6MM. There is a better arrangement for lighting now, so hopefully that will help when I am painting.

Here is the overall table, ACW up front, My Maurice infantry behind that and off in the distance, some 28 MM French infantry. These last are for Lead Addict, I may eventually get these done.

I was really surprised to find that my 15 mm ACW project was almost complete. There are just a few fill-in pieces that I need to complete both sides of my collection. I did not have any Union Artillery however, that was addressed. Here are the boys ready for the basing process. I use a coarse gray pumice in an acrylic medium as the base material. It has been applied. Next steps are dry-brushing the colors and then adding a little static grass and shrubbery.

While digging through my collection, I found these dismounted Cavalry boys that were on old cardboard bases. They weren't even flocked. I am changing these over to Litko one-inch square bases. That is my current project, hopefully I will get the Arty and dismounted Cavalry finished by Thursday. Once that is done, I will work on some Confederate dismounted cavalry, then gasp, my collection will be complete!

Finally, here is a picture of yours truly as photo-shopped by Baron Von J. This is for our Longstreet campaign. Colonel Frederick Joseph (Fritz) Wolfe at your service.

Current roster after first campaign battle


MurdocK said...

Photoshopping for such personality and singular game input.


Essjam said...

Thanks MurdocK, I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I got the picture from the Baron. We are having a blast with Longstreet.