Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I need a SIgn

I saw this sign while out on an evening constitutional. I found it a quite refreshing slant on Children at Play. Now if only had a sign for when I am gaming or painting. It would be a scary one for when I am painting. Picture an aging, overweight, gray-haired man wearing opti-visors, listening to rock and roll, squinting to get the point of a brush on that last damn small detail. On second thought, maybe I don't really need a sign.

And that brings me to the point, under that signage, my Union artillery and dismounted cavalry project is complete. I can't wait to bring these boys out for Longstreet soon.

I have been using the same basing technique for a few years. That is, build up the basing using grey pumice gel media, then color it dark brown and dry brush successive colors toward a light tan. This gives me a dried mud looking base that I can then add static grass onto. I think they look pretty good. Something possessed me this time to try and finish a few of the dismounted cavalry bases by dry brushing different shades of green onto the pumice. I was not impressed and will stick to my old method from here on out. If one looks closely at the image below, notice two or three Dismounted Cavalry bases completely covered in static grass. These are the ones that have the failed experiment.

Also, Recruits Gaming convention is this coming weekend in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Hope to see you there. I just won't be wearing the Opti-Visors!

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