Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hauverstover 2nd Infantry

The second Hauverstover Infantry regiment is ready. This is a quick post to show the figs. These are 10 mm Old Glory. They are based on 50 MM Litko bases. Here is the full line.

Here is a close-up showing a little more detail. It actually pained me to paint the cords on the flag over the owl, but it had to be complete. There will be a change to the flag design coming for the 3rd infantry, and maybe others. I like them on paper, but this one was a challenge to paint. I need a simpler design.

I have experimented with several backgrounds for taking pictures, this one was a medium gray. Not sure that I am satisfied yet. I guess that is part of the fun.

Next up will be my 28mm Norman Saga army. Wow, something in a larger scale for a while. I am currently blocking colors on my cavalry. I will post some shots when they are farther along. Right now they are pretty messy.

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